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Gregg_Olsen: #TieItUpVideo Link
Gregg_Olsen: RT @brunettemermaid: watching The Dead Files episode where they go to Starvation Heights, which is a great true crime book by @Gregg_Olsen
Gregg_Olsen: RT @RobotWizardMan: #FF @Bad_Idea_Bird @MaliciousILY @Gregg_Olsen @Sarahsaiyan @samjeancoop @cassigallagher @DangerHenick @theH31P @Cannonf
Gregg_Olsen: RT @NewOnAudible: Closer than Blood by Gregg Olsen narrated by Terry Rose Link #MysteriesThrillers
Gregg_Olsen: @balmeras what r u reading?
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