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"This is still a crime thriller first and foremost and the plotting doesn't disappoint. There are plenty of red herrings and clues to pick through and it wasn't clear to me exactly what had happened and why until the big reveal."
-- Thoughts from the Hearthfire blog, review of Betrayal

Some Envy fans at ALA 2013!

ENVY was selected to represent Washington in the Pavilion of the States at the National Book Festival this September!!!

Gregg signing books in Port Gamble, Washington (aka, Empty Coffin)!

 The historic Walker Ames House on the Port Gamble Empty Coffin series tour!

Gregg signing books on June 30 at the Ft. Lewis Main Exchange, Tacoma, WA.

Take a look at this video from the YA Author event at Klindt's on June 2!

Gregg with author Colleen Houck at the YA event with Klindt's.

Check out the real Port Gamble, WA! The Dauntless Bookstore shows off their ENVY pride!

Audiobook review of ENVY on Nerfreader: "Julia Whelan has a clear, young voice that fits perfectly."

                                   Julia recording the audio for ENVY.

Gregg's book signing in Manilla! Check it out!

"I love how the action starts immediately. Just when you think you know who is the murder something else happens that leaves you second guessing everything." – Paranormal Reads, September
"The fact that the mysteries in the Empty Coffin series are based off real cases, it heightens the suspense and realness to it." – Jean Book Nerd, September

is a well-executed tale, with many a twist to keep the reader poised until the final page."
We Love This Book, November

The film rights for ENVY have been acquired with production scheduled for Fall 2012!!!
Variety, October 21

"...Everytime I tried to put the book down I literally couldn't."
Chick Litaholic blog, October 31

Check out Gregg's interview on Book-Club-Queen! Queenie D says: "My only advice to Mr. Olsen? WRITE FASTER because you are going to have a ton of antsy fans waiting to get their hands on the next book!"

 "This book’s timeliness will give it relevance and appeal...With its punchy prose, pop-culture references, and steady stream of unraveling clues, this book has potential for reluctant readers. Give it to teens with a macabre bent."
School Library Journal, October

"Tired of all of the vampire stories and mushy gushy romance novels that are taking over the bookshelves? There’s a new series that just hit stores and it’s sure to spice up your reading repertoire!"

"Olsen’s characters jump to life and his plots are so intricate you never see the killer coming. The first in Olsen’s new YA series, Empty Coffin, is a definite hit!"
RT Book Reviews, Sept. 2011

"This was such a fresh, new read...Gregg totally comes bursting in with something new and exciting to add to the YA world!"

"I read it straight through I couldn't leave the suspense and mystery...This is truly an attention grabbing readdon't start it too late at night."
Tattered Cover Book Blog, August 25

Is Port Gamble the New Forks?
King-TV, August 23

"Hayley and Taylor Ryan may soon be as popular as iconic female teen protagonists like Bella Swan, Hermione Granger and Katniss Everdeen..."
Unabashedly Bookish: The BN Community Blog, Paul Goat Allen

"Envy is refreshingly bold..."
Hippies, Beauty, and Books. Oh My!

Olsen’s characters jump to life and his plots are so intricate you never see the killer coming. The first in Olson’s new YA series, Empty Coffin, is a definite hit!"Now that Gregg Olsen has entered the YA fray with Envy...there is a fresh new voice that expertly encompasses all of the elements of a 'can’t put the book down' mystery mixed with all of the things we love about YA novels."
X-treme Readers Book Blog

"The writing and story line kept me held in place wanting to know more, this book worked its magic on me – it's simply addictive."
Letters Inside Out 

"...An excellent book which kept me guessing until the very end."

Check out what everyone is saying about Envy on Goodreads!!!


If you are interested in hosting Gregg at your school or bookstore, let us know!


Gregg speaking at Barnes & Noble in Port Gamble, WA!

Booksellers made ENVY headbands and painted their nails green!

Check out what Port Gamble, aka, Empty Coffin, WA has on display! Below, Gregg is doing a local signing.

Port Gamble also has these fantastic ENVY charms they giveaway with each book purchase!


Foreign Rights

Italian edition: Newton Compton, Fall 2012
Czech edition: Fortuna Libri, May 2012
Slovak edition: Fortuna Libri, May 2012
Brazilian edition: Editora Saraiva, Spring 2012
Polish edition: Wydawnictwo Bukowy Las, Spring 2012
Turkish edition: Pegasus Yayinlari, Spring 2012
More to come!



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